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The Knights of Darkness. (A World of Warcraft/Teen Titans crossover fanfiction)

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Mango ‹з

Teen Titan Mega Fan
Varion groaned as he awoke in a darkened room, reeking of death.
Death, decay, sounds of crying.
This was an evil place.
When he stood up, the Blood Elf, stared around. It wasn't until he looked down, that he realized his new attire.
A cloak, a cape, a hood, cotton boots with the toes cut out, and metal spiked, pauldrons, all colored black.
"Where am... what...?"
His voice had morphed into a hideous echo of itself. Not only did the room reek of death...
Varion did as well.
"Where am I? What am I?"
In front of him a similar human, not elf, was saying to a tall ominous man, reeking of darkness, not death, "I am reborn

my king, only to serve you."
Then the darkness gripped Varion's heart.

He smiled.
He approached the dark man.
"Greetings, my king."
"The King" smiled under his helmet.
"All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance - I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. I have granted you immortality so that

you may herald in a new, dark age for the Scourge. Gaze now upon the lands below us. The Scarlet Crusade scurries

to undo my work, while Light's Hope stands defiantly against us - a blemish upon these Plaguelands..."
Varion chuckled. "Fools."
"They must all be shown the price of their defiance. You will become my force of retribution. Where you tread, doom

will follow. Go now and claim your destiny, death knight"

Varion nodded.

Robin stood up in his bed with a groan.
Another day, another type of boredom.
Or endless hours of Stankball that Beast Boy and Cyborg play and end up smelling like skunks.
After getting dressed he met up with the team in the Observation deck, or the living room.
"Where's Raven?"
"Dunno." Cyborg said.
"Perhaps she in hybernating?" Starfire asked.
"Starfire," Beast Boy said "It's 92 degrees out and she's not a bear."
"Oh... well..."
Then she walked in, looking sort of.... drag.
"Hey, Raven." Robin said. "Sleep good?"
"Yeah." Beast Boy said, chuckling, "You need sleep after the beating last night. HA!"
"Shut up, idiot. No, I didn't. I had this weird, dark dream... "
"Well, eat some breakfast." Cyborg said, putting another pancake on a plate. "Need butter?"
"No, thanks, I... i'm going back to sleep.

Varion approached a tall, VERY tall man, dressed in magnificant green/blue armor.

"You have heard the call of the Lich King, Death Knight" He said. "Now is the time to answer your master and to me,

Instructor Razuvious. The single most important piece of equipment to a death knight is the runeblade. It is through the

runeblade that a death knight commands the powers of frost, blood and the unholy. The runeblade also acts as a

vessel to store the death knight's runic power. The time has come to create your first runeblade. Search the weapon

racks on this floor and locate a battle-worn sword. Once found, take the sword to a nearby runeforge and use it to

create a runeblade."

Varion did as instructed and placed it in the runeforge.
Instantly, it grew 4 feet and enblazoned itself with runes.
"Such... such power!" Varion exclaimed, smiling.

"Well done, Varion. You have successfully created your first runebladed weapon. With it you will sow the seeds of

chaos and destruction! In your wake will be a bloodied field of battle, littered with the corpses of all that would dare

oppose the Scourge! The endless hunger will soon take hold of you, Death Knight. When it does, you will feel pain

immeasurable. There is only one remedy for the suffering: the hunger must be sated.

I give you the key to your salvation.

Chained to the Heart of Acherus are those deemed unworthy of the dark brotherhood. Use the key to free an unworthy

initiate. Allow them to equip their gear and battle you for their freedom. Kill and the pain will cease. Fail and suffer for


Live or die - the choice is yours to make."

Varion gulped.
He descended a flight of stairs into a prison where all the different races of the world were chained, as unworthy ones.

The horde races, the brutes as were called, Tauren, the cow-like ones, orcs, the green skin brutes, Undead, the dead

yet not humans, the blood elves, like himself, and the trolls, the loved allies of the orcs.

Then there were the races of the Alliance. The bastard humans, the Bullpoopy dwarves, the even shorter gnomes, the extra

tall, tree hugging Night Elves, and the former residuals of Draenor, The Draenei, the only good race from the outlands.

Varion approached a chained Night Elf, the hated sworn enemies of the Blood Elves.
He looked up with hope, then he saw Varion's glowing, blue eyes. he frowned.
"Come to finish me?"
Then Varion held up the key and freed him from the dark magic cell.
"You... are freeing me?"
Varion held up his runeblade.
"If you live."
Then, the hunger in which Razuvious had mentioned began to throb at his muscles.
The Night Elf grabbed a sword. "I'LL DESTROY THIS HELLHOLE!"
He ran like a maniac at Varion.
He held out his hand and a small green cloud landed on his opposer's face and he died.
The hunger sated.
And Varion chuckled.

Death itself has come to your land!!
"AAAHH!!" Raven stood up, sweating profusely in her bed.
"Ugh! Stupid dreams... "
She laid back down, but then someone opened her door.
"Raven! Oh, Raven, you alright?" Robin asked.
"Get out."
"... Alright."

When Varion returned Razuvious smiled.
"As expected, my chosen knight has triumphed! You are ready, Varion. Behold, Acherus, the grand citadel of death! It

has no equal in this world! Not even the mighty Naxxramas could withstand a direct assault from the Ebon Hold.

Looming above the face of the necropolis is the all-seeing eye of Acherus. From it the master is able to see great

distances into the territories held by our enemies. What the eye sees, the Lich King sees, and now the time has come

for you to peer through the eye! The Lich King has called for you, Varion."

He left for his King.
When he arrived, the Lich King greeted him.

"Towering above this platform is the eye of Acherus. From it you will call forth a probe that you will then use to analyze

Scarlet Crusade fortifications at New Avalon. The eye has a host of powers that should make the acquisition of this

data simple.

Use the eye's siphon to analyze the forge, town hall, hold, and chapel. The eye's control mechanisms are located on

either side of this platform. Waste no more time, Varion.

The Scourge will have this place. The Lich King commands it!"

Varion walked over an observed the orb.
As he watched, his master spoke.
"They prepare for battle - as expected - but there is something else. I sense an old enemy. An enemy that I destroyed

long ago...

It matters not. We will send the full might of the Scourge against them before they have a chance to evacuate their

homes and put in place their defenses. Listen well, death knight, for I give to you the words that will start a war. My

final judgment has been passed: Death. To. All. None shall stand so boldly against the might of the Scourge without


As you have served me well in your first task, so too shall you serve me in your next task. Take my judgment to

Highlord Mograine at the command post of Acherus, found on the first floor. Tell him to begin the assault.

And when the Crusade has been dealt with, we will finish off the Argent Dawn. "

Raven screamed, same night, 2 hours later, but this time, the vision showed her death... attacking...
But this time, she couldn;t barely breath.
She jumped out of her bed gasping for air, ran to the kitchen, grabbed a glass and downed a glass of water.
"Ugh! oh..." She breathed heavily. "oh..." Her chest had also a deep pain.
"What... What the... "

Varion left the Black Citadel to a blighted land.
Strung with tents and skeletal archers, firing arrows upon Havenshire.
A tall Blood Elf approached Variun.

"Do you smell it?"

He sniffed the air.

"Fresh meat... The scent of Scarlet Crusader wafts through the air."

Prince Valanar salivated.

Apologies, Death Knight, I'm sure you're not interested in my choice of fine cuisine. You are here to work! To lead the

charge! Yes... I know. The Lich King has told me all that I need to know about you, Varion.

The time for bloodshed is now. They make their stand now, outside of Death's Breach, futilely attempting to push us

back in hopes of saving their horses, mines, lumber and citizens.

This will be your first lesson in Scourge warfare: TERROR!

Go to the front lines, south of here, and destroy Scarlet Crusaders. Leave their corpses so that we may utilize them for

the death march.

But most importantly: kill the fleeing villagers. Soldiers dying are an affordance, but villagers? That is what strikes fear

into the hearts of man."
Varion nodded and ran to the line with 10 ghouls, waiting to charge Havenshire.
The Lich King's words echoed through his head.
lead the charge...

"CHARGE!" Varion exclaimed. The 10 ghouls were joined by 5 other Death Knights and they charged into the area,

killing the people as they left.
Varion approached a soldier who had killed one of the ghouls.
"Die human."
He held up his blade.
Well, let's just say he didn't see if the scourge won the fight.
After breaking the line, Varion approached a peasant.
"P-please sir! I have a sick grandma at home! I-I'm all she's got!"
Then he died.

"This isn't good." Raven told her team the next day. "Something happening and... it's affecting me, warning me."
"What could be so bad?"
"Something bad is coming... something deadly."

Hours later, after many challenges and quests, such as stealing a horse, getting arrows the archers were firing, and

proving his might as the strongest Death Knight of them all, not to mention the way he used the Scarlet Crusade's own

ship to kill their entire thousand man fleet in a few minutes, Varion approached Mograine once again and handed him a

His eyes widened.
"The ENTIRE fleet?"
He nodded.
Such power, Varion... I have not seen such a display of domination in years... Since my father wielded..."

He shook his head.

"It's not important... Yes, your commendation, lest I forget. It is the will of the Lich King that drives us onward, Varion.

None are more aware of this than death knights. Our very existence is intrinsically tied to his consciousness. Surely

you have heard him speak to you - invading your thoughts...

Can you hear him now? Perhaps it is too early for you.

Mograine Bullpoopy his eyes and nodded.

"Yes, my lord. It will be done. Varion, you are to return to Death's Breach and report to Prince Valanar. The Lich King

commands it!"
"As you and he wish."
Varion nodded and left back to Death's Breach, the front line.

Varion smiled as New Avalon burned to the floor.
It was days later and Varion had been deemed an Ebon Champion for being the only one able to break their lines

single handedly.
Now, New Avalon would be finished.
"Varion." Thassarion said, "The cry for vengeance must be heard, Varion. Commander Plaguefist and a company of

death knights are on their way to raze the Chapel of the Crimson Flame. If there are any death knights imprisoned at

the chapel, Plaguefist will get them out. You can still catch up to them if you hurry. The chapel is due west of here."

Varion climbed on his steed, the standard Deathcharger horse, and rode towards the chapel.
"Hello commander." He greeted Plaguefist.
"Ugh! We got here, tore the place apart, and headed toward the prison house. We weren't expecting what we found in there, Varion. Seems the Crusade's been real busy. That whole thing is full of Argent Dawn prisoners. Most of them

were already dead by the time we arrived, but a few were still breathing.

I was about to go in there and execute the rest of them, but I think you should have the honors. In particular, there's a

real feisty Blood Elf in there that I think you'll take great pleasure in executing."
"As you wish"
Varion climbed off his horse and went inside the prison.
The prisoners were crying.
And the Blood Elf.
She was familiar, somehow...
"Come to finish the job, have you...? Varion?! Varion, is that... Varion, i'd recognize that face anywhere!"
Varion's eyes widened. "Eonys?"
"Varion, they've tried to strip you of everything good! Everything arcane! Everything that made you a Blood Elf! Listen,

you must fight the Lich King's control, he's a monster that wants to see this world - our world - in ruin! Don't let him use

to to do his dirty work! You were a hero once and can be again! Fight his control! FIGHT, I\'m an idiot YOU!"
"What's going on in there?! Varion, what's taking so long?!" Commander Plaguefist yelled.
"There... there's no more time for me. Finish me, Varion."
"No, I-I can;t!"
"Kill me or they'll kill us both."
"I... I..."
"Varion, remember Silvermoon, where you were born, remember us?"
"I'm expendable... kill me, Varion, put me out of my misery."
He raised his Runeblade.
"I..." He groaned and gritted his teeth as he shed a tear...
"I love you, Eonys."
Then his sword fell and he Bullpoopy his teary eyes.
"Felt good, didn't it?" Plaguefist asked. "You're not one of them anymore, Varion. You're Scourge. You're one of us.

Forever... "

A few days later...
New Avalon was ready to be destroyed.
Mograine smiled at Varion.
Varion just stared back blankly.
"The trap has been sprung, death knight. The armies of Hearthglen and Tirisfal have arrived, just in time to see their

enclave in flames! If they turn back now, they fight us with their backs turned."

He shook his head.

"No, they have only one option, which has only one outcome: APOCALYPSE!

As we speak, they prepare to make one final stand.

The Lich King awaits your return, champion. He stands watch below us, at Death's Breach"
Varion nodded and left for the front.
As he approached Arthas, The Lich King, he smiled.
"You have slaughtered legions beyond number and still your dark heart craves more. Your hunger knows no end,


He paused.

"There must come an end to all things, death knight. The Scarlet armies make their final stand against us. For them,

there is no escape... no choice. And for this reason they will fight with a ferocity that you have yet to witness.

Use this horn to call forth one of my wyrms. Climb upon its back and command it into battle. With it you will end the

Scarlet Crusade"
Varion took the horn and climbed on the back of an ENOURMOUS skeletal dragon.
It took off and began freezing blasting the grounds below, full of helpless victims.
The people cried for mercy as the cold burned them to death.
As the death... gripped their hearts.
As Varion... KILLED THEM!
He landed next to the Lich King with a smile.
"Kneel, champion. I place this helm upon your head to complete your terrifying visage. Any that dare look upon your

dark countenance will know that death comes. Let none stand so boldly against your king so as to face your merciless

wrath, Varion.

There remains only one final task..."

He looked West.

"Light's Hope Chapel."

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Bad Luck

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Two nerdy things brought into one. Genius.

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Mango ‹з

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pretty sure that almost 12 million people aren't nerds...

Besides, Warcraft has an emmence story,
try it one time.
Cataclysm's coming out and they're editing half the world.
Making Tanaris (Dessert) and ocean.
wtf? XD

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Bad Luck wrote:Two nerdy things brought into one. Genius.

Because of the Rules of Nerdyness, 1 nerdy + another nerdy = cool. Therefore meaning that this fic is not nerdy, but cool.


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*smirks* nerds pwn Rape Face

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