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Rules and Penalties.

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1 Rules and Penalties. on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:15 pm


Titan Trainee

-Everyone has their own way of dealing with Teen Titans to their liking. There is no need whatsoever to be rude or harsh to anyone about their ways. Give others a chance to explain their reasons (if any)

- Spam and rudeness will not be tollerated, this includes offensive language, insults, blackmail, threatening, harrasment, sexual-content.

- Nobody is better than anyone, we are all equal on this site, and special in our own ways.

- Virtual/Online converse dating is permitted, provided no sexual-content is mentioned/viewed (It must be censoered as best as can be)

- Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but do not ENFORCE that oppinion among others. (Don't GET THEM to agree with you)


Constant and Continuous failure to abide by these rules will result in swift actions (See bellow)



When one or more people have been suspected of breaking one too many rules at a constant rate will be subject to a hearing. If proven guilty (Depending on the actions) Penalties will be carried out as follows and/or definte banning from the chatbox until such time has passed.

If the rules are constantly broken, and you refuse to cooperate, there will be temporary bannings, and priviledge suspensions.

-Sening personal mesages.
-Displaying items.
-Posting on the fourms.

Any more rule breaking will result in your account being suspend for a day or two. But continue to break rules and one aditional day will be added the next time. Continue on thei path the days will mount until it reaches the point where you will be banned permananetly.


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